The world! EVAngelion JAZZ night = The Tokyo III Jazz club =

鷺巣詩郎 / 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン


KICA-3219 定価:¥3,300 (税抜価格 ¥3,000)


[収録曲] 01.Weekend,the introduction(by all star singers) 02.Welcome to the Tokyo Ill jazz club (by all star orchestra) 03.Swinging A1 (by a" star bigband) 04.Come sweet death. second impact (by Megumi-H) 05.Barefoot in the club(by all star bigband) 06.Final decision at the milestone (by all star combo) 07.Emptiness, the Iongest(by all star orchestra) 08.Thanatos, cool again! (by all star bigband) 09..Dilemmatic triangle opera (by Megumi-H) 10.A8, mellow slow-jam (by all star combo) 11.Theme Q, suppa-duppa!(by all star bigband) 12.The Image of black me(by Megumi-H) bonus: Looking forward the next weekend