悪魔城年代記 悪魔城ドラキュラ Original Sound



定価:¥3,666 (税抜価格 ¥3,333)

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【DISC1 CDアルバム】
1.Black Mass (Opening)
2.Something Loopy (Name Entry)
3.The Bathead (Start Demo)
4.Vampire Killer (Stage1)
5.Creatures In The Depth (Boss)
6.Stage Clear
7.Thrashard In The Cave (Stage2)
8.Wiched Child (Stage3)
9.Bloody Tears (Stage4)
10.The Tower Of Gears (Stage5)
11.Moon Fight (Stage6-1)
12.The Tower Of Dolls (Stage6-2)
13.Etude For The Killer (Stage7)
14.SimonVs Theme (Stage8)
15.You Goddamned Bathead (Last Boss)
16.Last Stage Clear
17.Mother Earth (Ending)
18.Game Over
19.Player Miss
20.Ending Movie
21.Black Mass (Opening 内臓音源)
22.Something Loopy (Name Entry 内臓音源)
23.The Bathead (Start Demo 内臓音源)
24.Vampire Killer (Stage1 内臓音源)
25.Creatures In The Depth (Boss 内臓音源)
26.Stage Clear(内臓音源)
27.Thrashard In The Cave (Stage2 内臓音源)
28.Wiched Child (Stage3 内臓音源)
29.Bloody Tears (Stage4 内臓音源)
30.The Tower Of Gears (Stage5 内臓音源)
31.Moon Fight (Stage6-1 内臓音源)
32.The Tower Of Dolls (Stage6-2 内臓音源)
33.Etude For The Killer (Stage7 内臓音源)
34.SimonVs Theme (Stage8 内臓音源)
35.You Goddamned Bathead (Last Boss 内臓音源)
36.Last Stage Clear(内臓音源)
37.Mother Earth (Ending 内臓音源)
38.Game Over(内臓音源)
39.Player Miss(内臓音源)
40.LOAD BGM (内蔵音源バージョン)
【DISC2 CDアルバム】
1.Black Mass (Opening CM64)
2.Something Loopy (Name Entry CM64)
3.The Bathead (Start Demo CM64)
4.Vampire Killer (Stage1 CM64)
5.Creatures In The Depth (Boss CM64)
6.Stage Clear(CM64)
7.Thrashard In The Cave (Stage2 CM64)
8.Wiched Child (Stage3 CM64)
9.Bloody Tears (Stage4 CM64)
10.The Tower Of Gears (Stage5 CM64)
11.Moon Fight (Stage6-1 CM64)
12.The Tower Of Dolls (Stage6-2 CM64)
13.Etude For The Killer (Stage7 CM64)
14.SimonVs Theme (Stage8 CM64)
15.You Goddamned Bathead (Last Boss CM64)
16.Last Stage Clear(CM64)
17.Mother Earth (Ending CM64)
18.Game Over(CM64)
19.Player Miss(CM64)
20.LOAD BGM (CM64)
21.Black Mass (Opening SC55)
22.Something Loopy (Name Entry SC55)
23.The Bathead (Start Demo SC55)
24.Vampire Killer (Stage1 SC55)
25.Creatures In The Depth (Boss SC55)
26.Stage Clear(SC55)
27.Thrashard In The Cave (Stage2 SC55)
28.Wiched Child (Stage3 SC55)
29.Bloody Tears (Stage4 SC55)
30.The Tower Of Gears (Stage5 SC55)
31.Moon Fight (Stage6-1 SC55)
32.The Tower Of Dolls (Stage6-2 SC55)
33.Etude For The Killer (Stage7 SC55)
34.SimonVs Theme (Stage8 SC55)
35.You Goddamned Bathead (Last Boss SC55)
36.Last Stage Clear(SC55)
37.Mother Earth (Ending SC55)
38.Game Over(SC55)
39.Player Miss(SC55)
40.LOAD BGM (SC55)
41.Bloody Tear RMX -Bonus Track-
42.Dracula 〜Medley〜 -Bonus Track-